Agios Antonios gorge

Agios Antonios gorge

Agios Antonios gorge

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Agios Antonios gorge

The Gorge of Agios Antonios channels the waters of the nearby mountains towards the Fragma Potamon (= The River Dam), a few kilometers away from Patsos Village. The waters in turn give life to age-old plane trees forming a beautiful “rooftop”.

The sanctity of the place, which remained untouched since the Minoan Era, will stimulate your mind and heart. As you continue down the gorge, you will find terraces with benches to sit, rest, relax and enjoy the environment, as well as areas for picnics with wooden tables and an impromptu barbecue close to an old fountain beside the stream of the river. Ceremonies connected to the Minoan Cult were held in this place thousands of years ago. Deeper into the gorge, you will reach a series of cavities worth seeing. The terrain gets more difficult though, so you should be cautious. If you have the proper equipment and hiking experience, you may be able to reach the River Dam. Back to the start, right at the entrance of the gorge, there is a traditional tavern, called “Drimos”, serving the best of Cretan Cuisine. It is the best way to close the trip.

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